helping you optimise your real-estate.

Our consultative service and software delivers up-to-date property, financial, occupational and management data, tailored to your needs in a simple, consistent format.
Dislike logging into multiple management systems just to see tenancy data?

The OneView system can streamline all of your other systems data into one platform, saving you the effort of multiple logins and confusion.

Want to replace legacy IT systems without wasting resources?

We can replace outdated legacy IT systems, streamlining all the data into OneView.  Lowering running costs whilst saving you time.

Find translating 'big data' into relevant analytics an expensive and labourious process?

We know how much of a pain it is to sift through piles of data and extract the most relevant pieces of data which is why our software does it for you! Freeing you to focus on value-adding work.

Bored of writing and compiling reports for clients and colleagues?

Our reporting software will automatically compile the data you want into a concise and accurate format. Choose the key metrics and data you are interested in and save energy, time and resources at the click of a button.

Case Studies

LSH Case Study

  • Minimised Operational Costs

  • Brought surplus units to market

  • Drove financial operational performance.

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Another Case Study

  • Define Goals & Objectives

  • Propose The Solution

  • Provide Costs To Fix Problems andd bla

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