"Your Body, Your Sensor"

Symmetry AI™ enables HCPs to deliver and monitor custom treatments plans which patients carry out remotely via our platform that delivers real-time biomechanical analysis and live feedback to patients.

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Functions Across All Devices

Everything you need to aid your recovery!

Web Application

Discover the ease of Symmetry AI™ directly in your browser. Access real-time biomechanical analysis and treatment monitoring effortlessly, without the need for installations. Accesible by both patients & HCPs.

Mobile App (in development)

Experience Symmetry AI™ on your phones and tablets, accessible anywhere with internet. Monitor your rehabilitation progress with live feedback and analysis.


Respective HCP and Patient dashboards show your progress, adherence and other KPIs in real time.

Treatment Plans

HCP create bespoke treatment plan for patients resulting in better monitoring and improved health outcomes.

Live Feedback

Patients perform prescribed exercises and receive live feedback, enhancing their recovery for better results.


HCPs can then review patients progress to treatment plan with a variety of graphs and metrics.

What People Say About Us

“One of the things I appreciated most about Symmetry AI was its ability to provide real-time feedback. Knowing that I could receive instant updates on my progress and performance made me feel supported and reassured throughout my healing process.”

Kyle Killit

“Looking ahead, Symmetry AI holds immense potential in post-surgical rehabilitation, where its real-time feedback and analysis could revolutionize how patients recover and regain functionality.”

Sergie Kalashnikov

“I view Symmetry AI as a groundbreaking solution in the UK, particularly in its capacity to alleviate wait times and address the growing demand for healthcare services"

Bryant Chou
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